Designing Clothes with Acrylic Paints

We have access to a great variety of different designs on clothing, with and without prints. But there’s also a problem of everyone dressing in the same fashion because we don’t really have anything unique. We offer you to try custom designing your own clothes according to your preferences; this way, you will not only have a unique piece of clothing, but also something to express your interests.

What supplies do you need?

From the title of our article, you could’ve guessed that you’ll need acrylic paints. And no, you don’t have to look for professional clothes-painting paints, regular acrylic paint will suit. If you need any recommendations, use one of these sets of paints (of 12 or 24 tubes): they come in a vast variety of bright colors and are good in application.

Then you need to either find a ready-to-use stencil or come up with one of your own. Get a sponge and/or a brush to distribute the paint, cardboard to place the fabric on, and a small container of water.

What is the process?

Put the item of clothes that you’re going to paint on the cardboard, the side you’re going to design should be facing you. We recommend starting with a simple white T-shirt at first, but later on, you can move to hoodies, jeans, and other clothing. Trace the stencil on the fabric and simply start painting! You will need to squirt the paint onto the fabric and distribute it to the areas you need. Use the sponge to remove any excess paint.

When you change colors, don’t forget to thoroughly wash the brush and the sponge, then dry them off with paper towels. If the material of the clothing soaked up too much paint, put another layer on it. Let it dry and you’re done!

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